The Group

Interna Group is recognized as a global leader in the high-end turnkey supply of furniture and furnishings for contract projects worldwide.

Four brands | The Group operates through four solid and complementary brands, fully owned by Interna Holding: Interna Contract, Interna Collection, Logica and Interna Real Estate, all acting at different levels, from complete fit out to furniture, up to investments, in the niche of luxury hospitality.

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Six local units | The Group acts and commercializes its brands through six local units, an international presence in prominent cities around the world to be as close as possible to its clients and better meet all their demands. The internationalisation started in 2010 with the establishment of Interna China in Shanghai and the following years saw the foundation of the two units of Interna France in Paris and Saint Nazaire, of the London-based Interna UK, of Interna Singapore, of Interna USA in New York and of Interna Deutschland in Frankfurt am Main.

Interna mission is to provide long-lasting value to its clients, whose request is for quality of products and excellence of services in the performance of their projects all around the globe. The brands and the local units share common values, like transparency and social responsibility, as well as sustainability and respect for nature and environment, even if each of them has a solid, different brand identity.

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Interna Holding Spa, fully owned by Mr Diego Travan, the founder, and by his family, is the parent company that fully controls the brands and the sister companies. The holding has a central leadership role that enables synergies among the brands and units while preserving their uniqueness and providing the considerable added value of guaranteeing the same quality for every high-end contract project implemented to architects, designers, and developers. Furthermore, it supplies a set of support services to all the brands, such as administration, purchasing, logistics and communication.

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Interna Contract Spa has over 30 years of experience in the supply of turnkey furniture and furnishings for the hospitality, retail, corporate and marine sectors. It is recognized by designers and investors worldwide as a valued partner for the outfitting and executive implementation of high-end hotels, mansions, offices, boutiques, spas and cruise ships.

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Interna Collection Srl is an innovative unique tool dedicated to those who manage projects; it offers an eclectic and luxurious furniture collection work of great designers and is utterly flexible and highly customizable.

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Logica Srl offers one-off furnishings solutions and customizable design furniture lines from operative to presidential, for the office world.

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Interna Real Estate Srl proposes a complete package of services to successfully conceive and implement any real estate project, especially in the hospitality sector.