At a glance
Founded in 1989, Interna is an Italian industrial group leader in the sector of the contract furnishings worldwide. It operates within the high-end market and stands out for excellence in products and services and for its solid international management.
Interna develops and manages all-encompassing turn-key furnishing projects, supplying of ad-hoc designed furniture, cooperating with prestigious interior design studios and renowned purchasing companies appointed by the client for each single project.

Sectors of activity
Starting off in the hospitality sector, where now the brand holds a position of excellence with a reference list of hundreds of magnificent projects worldwide, Interna has, in time, expanded its range of activities, entering other market sectors. Today, with specialised divisions, it implements residential, retail, marine, corporate, and wellness projects.

Complete fit out
Interna turnkey includes internal building works, finishes and decorations, as well as indoor and outdoor fixed and loose furniture. Its scope of work spans from the executive planning to the production, from logistics to installation on site, from final testing to post sales assistance, always in accordance with quality, prices and deadlines agreed upon.

The product
Interna creates ad hoc products for each single project, producing exclusive items upon the client’s design. Alongside, Interna offers a wide collection created for the most refined contract uses, where all items can be produced with the finishes and materials chosen by the client/designer, as to suit their cultural genius loci and idea of design.

In the five continents
With many independent local units worldwide and a dedicated team of hundreds of people working in linked companies, today Interna offers to its clients a 360-degree service in the 5 continents, performing exclusive projects, often with a high managerial complexity due to their dimensions, the specificity of the products, the ever-pressing deadlines, or the particular locations.

To date, Interna has implemented more than 700 exclusive turnkey projects all over the world.












The contract sector covers various types of projects and each one of them calls for a specific know-how and specific technological equipment for manufacturing the items specially designed to add to the uniqueness of the ambience and to suite the final scope of the place they will furnish.

This is why Interna established dedicated divisions where its best skilled project managers team up with its most qualified specialists and technicians and with the clients’ designers to handle with dedication the complexity of each and every single project and to make the final result an absolute success.


Interna Hospitality division was established when Interna itself was established, back in 1989. The sector of the hospitality is an industry where investments are enormous and where nothing is left to chance. Every detail is meticulously studied and reflects precise philosophies and rules that must take into account security in the first place, but also maintenance, durability, functionality and aesthetics.
Interna Hospitality division ensures high standards of quality for products that comply with the regulations of each target country and optimizes the production processes as to make the costs fall within the predefined budgets. It supplies solid functional products, suitable for industrial use and maintenance, but with a pleasing aesthetic exterior. 

Interna Spa & Wellness division supplies the furniture - millwork and loose - with the most appropriate characteristics as to be suitable for all kinds of wellness and fitness environments, paying particular attention to the selection of metals, woods and any other kind of material that are treated to resist water, dampness and heat, while respecting strict health & safety rules, without renouncing to satisfying aesthetics.

Interna Corporate and Retail division focuses on the supply of high quality furnishing solutions, implementing either individual and exclusive boutiques whose design is based on a strong, identifiable concept that can be reproduced everywhere, but is still flexible enough as to easily be adapted to buildings with vastly different layouts.

Interna Marine division requires completely different analysis skills and techniques as to combine aesthetics with functionality and safety rulings, not only complying with project specifications, but also with the rather strict international marine regulations, in particular to those related to the fireproofing and weight of each single item installed onboard. Furthermore, careful selection of materials, special installation procedures, respect of ecological and health & safety regulations must also be taken into strict consideration.

Interna Residential division is the one which mostly deals with unique personalities and emotions and where the rules governing the hospitality sector do not apply. Great emphasis is given to personalization, with unique pieces of furniture, special inlay work, hand-painted pieces, engraved sections, unusual shapes, precious materials and the most difficult finishes as to materialise the architect’s concept and the client’s desire.


“We want to build a close relationship between the public, the designer and the craftsman and to produce simple high-quality goods.
Our starting point is the object’s use, our main consideration is functionality and our great strength lies in harmony of proportions and excellence of craftsmanship [...].
We cannot and have no desire to compete with low-cost mass production, which is to the detriment above all of the worker [...].
We cannot afford flights of fancy.
Keeping our feet firmly on the ground, we wait for the orders to come in.”

[Extracts from the Wiener Werkstaette manifesto. 1903]

Among the various challenges humanity and industry have to face due to the continuous changes of the modern world, the most relevant is to find a balance between profits and growth on one side and justice and social equity on the other.
Interna has, since the beginning, worked on a globalized market and thus has faced the international competition. Its clients are global brands of the tourism and fashion sector, its competitors are usually located in countries with low labour costs.
Since 1989, the year of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the beginning of the globalization phenomena, Interna has faced a dilemma: increase the profits by outsourcing the production in countries with low labour costs and little attention for human rights or balance the growth and profits of the company with its social function.
Choosing the second option came naturally. Interna decided to be competitive on the global market through the following entrepreneurial philosophy:

-a solid management system with extensive autonomy given to the managers of each division;

-high quality production and competitiveness through efficient management of manufacturing cycles rather than through the use of cheap labour;

-permanent contracts for employees, employment of young brillant people at their first work experience and placement of women in managerial roles without any discrimination due to gender, race or social conditions

-weightless company that invests not in material assets but in information technology, research & development, know-how, training and human resources.


Big turn-key projects have a major environmental and social impact which means that manufacturers should be called upon to follow strict polices regarding the environment and employment. Interna has always been sensitive to the issue of fair and sustainable growth. Through its integrated certified system

la storia


Interna works to ensure that the process of globalisation is carried out in full recognition of human rights, international labour laws and environmental protection.



Registered trademark and design

Interna is a registered trademark and operates since 1989.
All Interna Collection products are covered by registered designs.